We Protect Documents

  • Safeguarding the Integrity of Vital Documents to Inspire Confidence in our Connected World
  • Empowering Trust Through Innovative Document Security Solutions
  • Combatting Document Fraud Through Joint Efforts with You for a Safer and More Secure World
  • Protecting Academic Qualifications through Innovative Document Security Solutions

Providing Peace of Mind to Organizations, Governments and Academic Institutions through Innovative Document Security Solutions

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TechnoPro Africa

Our Commitment to Safeguarding Vital Documents goes beyond Protection; It’s about upholding TRUST

By ensuring the security of vital documents, we empower organizations, governments and academic institutions to have unwavering confidence in the integrity of their most important documents. We firmly believe that by safeguarding these documents, we actively contribute to a world where trust is not just promised but fortified through innovative document security solutions.



TechnoPro Africa is trusted by the government in Securing Document and Digital Document Validation

How can we help your organization…

Education & Certification

We support universities and awarding bodies by delivering a complete design, personalization and print a range of education related documents such as certificates and transcripts


Security is a key aspect to any business. To protect these businesses the requirements, start from security ID cards. We offer the right solution when you need forgery-proof ID Cards.


TechnoPro connects the physical document and the digital world in a unique ecosystem where an average citizen become a document inspector by themselves.

Stop Document leakages

TechnoPro Secure Print is designed to protect all office printing activities. Our system will help you protect your printed documents by inserting secret invisible code to all printouts.

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