About TechnoPro Africa

TechnoPro is a Tanzanian company established with the primary mission of delivering high-tech, state-of-the-art secure document solutions to various sectors, including government agencies, educational institutions, certification bodies, awarding councils, private enterprises, and organizations seeking to safeguarding against fraudulent activities.

As a locally-based document security firm, we proudly hold official recognition from the Government of Tanzania for our contribution in documents protection and implementing digital document validation solution.

Education & Awarding Bodies

Legal Industry

Central & Local Government

Corporate & Non-Government

With our innovative range of security features, we deliver the most secured documents, thus protecting and increasing the reputation of our customers.

Our Research and Development team continuously innovates and travels the world sourcing the latest in technologies, media, inks, and printers to bring to our customers the highest quality, innovative products and services.

At TechnoPro we realize that when you come to us you are not simply buying secure print but you are actually receiving a solution that increases your organization reputation. That is why we have made available to you a team of Concept Consultants, with backgrounds in IT Marketing, Visual Merchandising and Design, to consult on your projects. Our consultants will work closely with you to assess your specific needs and advise you on the most appropriate products and innovative solutions in order to achieve the results you require.

The TechnoPro Team is totally and absolutely committed to offer world-class service and support to every client, maintaining the highest security possible and customer delight. We help protect organizations to stop fraud by using the latest secure technologies in:


Design: We help you create your own branded documents with unique security features (secure by design).

Documents: Whether it be a Certificate or Academic Transcript, licenses, or legal documents, we use cutting-edge security features to prevent alteration and counterfeiting of the Document.

Software: We offer you customized encrypted software for your document validation process with highly secured decryption method.

Delivery: We make sure your secure documents are delivered only to nominated signatories.


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