Security Holograms - With Tamper Evidence

  • Embedded with microtext or nano text
  • VOID Tamper evidence feature
  • Six Color with 50 Microns

Tamper-evidence is a critical functionality of any security hologram which seeks to prevent the tampering of critical document it is applied to. TechnoPro’s tamper evident solutions address multiple levels of security to reduce the risk of tampering as much as possible.

When our holograms are peeled off, they leave “VOID” text on the document and itself. They cannot be re-used and the document which the hologram was applied become VOID. It enhances document security to a great extent in comparison with the traditional organization hot wax seal stamp (Muhuri wa moto) which can easily be manufactured by fraudsters.

Our holograms are embedded with “microtext or nano text” around the hologram which cannot be seen by naked eyes, but only by tools that we provide our client for second level document verification.

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